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Through a variety of perspectives and voices, Letters From the Ends of the Earth aims to showcase real stories, inspiring visuals, and useful resources from the world’s wildest and iciest places. 

Whether you have spent years in the polar regions or a single fabulous day, your experience was one that very few people on this Earth get to have! Do you have a story to share? A visual journey to take us on? Or do you love polar history or ecology and want to share your knowledge? You’ve come to the right place!

This is not straight journalism, nor is it a scientific publication (though there is sure to be a bit of both thrown in.) Letters From the Ends of the Earth features personal accounts, gorgeous imagery, and multimedia works of art created by people who have lived in or travelled to the poles and have something to say about it.

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Step 1: Read the submission guidelines below. Then send your submission to

*Note that by submitting your piece, you are agreeing to the submission guidelines and terms and conditions.

Step 2: Watch your inbox for a response telling you when it might be published or asking for further information. Keep in mind that I am one person who is in and out of the polar regions and may take longer to respond than I would like.

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Stories that are insightful, funny, heartfelt, or thought-provoking that you have personally experienced or witnessed someone else experience in Antarctica or the Arctic.

Anything you felt inspired to create as a direct result of your trip/stint/life in the polar regions. Artwork, poetry, illustrations, audio clips, videos, jokes, short stories, drawings, comics, etc.

Professional, beautiful imagery. Send me a link to your portfolio/instagram, or send in some photos you would like considered.

Historical stories, quotes, images, books, films, facts, and other resources. Let's make LFEE a digital hub for all things polar!


A story that reads like a newspaper article or a Yelp review of your cruise. No company names unless it is significantly relevant to the story, no play by play of your cruise ship’s five-course buffet, and no specific information about customer service issues. If you are going to try to persuade or dissuade readers to use a certain company, this is not the place for that.

Simple vacation stories. So you went to Antarctica and checked another country/continent off your list? Great! Don’t stop there! What did that experience mean to you? What did you get out of it? What were the most interesting or intriguing moments? Who did you meet along the way, and how did they help shape your experience?

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Send all submissions to:

The Basics:

  • Stories can be anywhere from 2 insightful sentences to 3,000 words. All submissions are subject to editing and reformatting.

  • If you don’t feel comfortable putting your name on the submission, just state that you would prefer it to be Anonymous.

  • Paste the entire written submission into the body of the email. No text attachments. No funny formatting.

  • Please note that by submitting your stories and photos you are agreeing to have them used on the LFEE website as well as on our social media channels. 

  • You will retain the copyright to all submitted content.

  What to Include:

  • The title of your story or piece of art. There doesn’t have to be one, but it is highly encouraged. Please note that it may change.

  • Your Instagram and Facebook handles if you have them so that I can credit you properly. *Your submission, or part of it, will likely appear on our social media outlets*

  • Your website or portfolio link for your art or if you have a polar-related company, business, or project. 

  For Artwork:

  • Please send in the highest resolution photo of your piece of art that you can. Send as an attachment (see below).

  • If you are not submitting a story along with it, at least include a caption about what inspired you to create the piece or pieces and a bit about your process.

  For Photos:

  • Submit only JPEG images in RBG color mode, in the highest resolution that you can. That being said, the file size should be under 5mb.

  • Send as an attachment. Do not send more than 10. Please remove all watermarks - you will be properly credited. 

  • Name the files with your first and last name, followed by a number. No other characters. Please use the same name that you list in your email. *Example: ErnestShackleton01.jpg*

  • If submitting a photo essay, be sure to include your photo titles and their captions in the body of the email. You can number the list to correspond with the photo number.

For Video:

  • Send a link from Youtube, Vimeo, or wherever the video is currently stored.

  • Include an introduction and what the video is about.

  • Please do not email the actual video file unless asked to do so.


What is LFEE looking for?

Personal narratives, jokes, quotes, short stories, photo essays, drawings, illustrations, lists, comics, history lessons, love stories, wildlife encounters, paintings, you name it! Just create it.

Help! I want to contribute, but I’m a terrible writer!

Don’t worry, all entries will be edited for web, clarity, and length, but will still retain the voice of the contributor. These stories are known to be written by real people who have been lucky enough to see these parts of the world, not necessarily hired writers. Having many different voices and perspectives add depth and variety to the project. 

Do I get paid?

This is a passion project put together by one person with a love of storytelling, art, and those amazing places we call the polar regions. The intent behind all of this is to share experiences, raise awareness, and eventually generate funds for organizations that help to protect and conserve the places that have inspired you. Hopefully you will feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that your contribution could be a part of that!

Polar bear on ice Svalbard Arctic


Things to consider:

  • Stick to the basics - who, what, where, when? Who were you when you went on this journey/lived in this place?

  • Why? What drew you to that particular area in the first place? What were you hoping to find? What brought you there and what, if anything, did you stand to gain or lose?

  • Did you see a landscape or creature that inspired you? Meet a local that challenged you? Felt something? ANYTHING? Don’t be afraid to say something personal. Speak from the heart. Remember, these can be anonymous if you wish.

  • What, if anything, changed in you? What surprised or inspired you? Was there a sense that you succeeded or failed in some way?

  • Did you have an emotional investment in the place/journey/situation?

  • What, if anything, did you notice about coming home after your experience in the polar regions?

  • Describe a favorite story/scene/sighting/conversation/impression/event/character from this experience.

  • Have you been to both poles? What have you noticed about each? Which do you prefer and why?

  • Finish the sentence -  To me, Antarctica is….. To me, the Arctic is…. My experience in (this place) has given or taught me…. My experience in (this place) has inspired me to….

  • Think of it as a letter written to a friend about something amazing/interesting/heart-warming/funny/exciting/weird that happened to you during your polar adventure.


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