The Art of Ice - Gallery

Words and Artwork by: Linda Kalbun


Antarctica moved me in unexpected ways. The most profound experience was fully realizing the transient nature of our natural world - the massive ice shelves that calve smaller icebergs, which the relentless seas carve into fantastical shapes.

Antarctica moved me in unexpected ways.

During my Antarctic voyage, I became entranced with icebergs. Their shapes, colours, textures, stratifications...their very being. This led me to begin an iceberg odyssey in my printmaking studio upon returning home, and with the inspiration of one particularly bird-like iceberg, the journey commenced. The results morphed from print collage to print, from floating bird-like shapes to land-based shapes and not very bird-like icebergs.

I am still awed by the ice and the shape-shifting form of water that alters the way the light reaches the Earth and ocean. It seems to be touched by the dual essence of powerful solidity and ephemeral presence - just like Antarctica itself.


Have You Spent Time in Antarctica or the Arctic?


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