Antarctica Through the Lens - Photo Gallery

Words and Photos by: Gianluca Lombardi


I feel a special connection with the ice fields and glaciers of Southern Patagonia. Thanks to the cold and the natural landscape of these ice fields, I was able to come back to reality after a dark and obscure period of my life. But ultimately, Patagonia was not enough for me. I needed to go further south - to reach an inner point, find peace with myself, and close a circle.

A visit to the Antarctic Peninsula was my once in a lifetime trip - I had dreamed of it for so long. I financed my voyage in all ways possible, selling many things and making sacrifices. And finally, when the conditions permitted, I made it happen. 

For me, that trip was not a holiday - I was going to Antarctica to look for myself.

I felt very lucky to see the edge of the world. It helped me find a way to accept life exactly like it is, for life is just as beautiful in many ways as the pristine environment I found there. I loved the light at sunset and the way that nature seamlessly moved between its two extreme faces - the mirror-like water of a calm day and the violent winds and waves of a storm. 

For me, that trip was not a holiday - I was going to Antarctica to look for myself. Thankfully, it held the answers I was looking for.

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