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Letters From the Ends of the Earth is a project created by Jeni Stembridge that aims to bring the polar regions to life through real stories, inspiring visuals, and helpful resources.

From Antarctica to Greenland, Svalbard to South Georgia, this project shines a new and different kind of light on the unique experiences found at the Ends of the Earth. 

Gorgeous imagery and personal accounts combine with polar-inspired art, history, video, and informative resources to bring the world’s coldest, iciest, most unforgiving places directly to you - so that people from every corner of the globe can feel more connected to the polar regions, to the Earth, and to each other. 



If you have stumbled upon this website, your story may be one of the following:

Person sitting in front of glacier neko harbor Antarctica
  • You have traveled to or spent time in the polar regions and are searching for ways in which to re-connect with those places and experiences.

  • You are planning a trip to Antarctica or the Arctic and are searching for information that can help you.

  • You are simply in love with penguins and polar bears, find inspiration in the ice and are fascinated with the ecology, biology, and history of the poles.

  • You came across this site through some esoteric rabbit hole of the internet, have no idea what you are doing here, but are intrigued nonetheless.

If any of these are true, you have come to the right place! If none of that is true, I hope you poke around a bit and discover for yourself why the polar regions have inspired such great art, storytelling, and exploration throughout the ages.



This project is dedicated to sharing and celebrating life's experiences at the Ends of the Earth.

Lone gentoo penguin on iceberg wilhelmina bay Antarctica

Here you will find entertaining and heartwarming stories, beautiful imagery and artwork, useful information and resources, and an abundance of passion for the polar regions. 

Learn about the experiences that people have had through their STORIES

Get inspired by works of polar art and other VISUALS

Increase your knowledge of the poles by checking out the RESOURCES



Pretending to be a polar explorer of yesteryear.  Photo by: Dave Brosha

Pretending to be a polar explorer of yesteryear. Photo by: Dave Brosha

I love a good iceberg. 

Along with the odd penguin or polar bear, I’ve been lucky enough to see thousands of them throughout my years working in Antarctica and the Arctic. 

Even though these icy zones are some of the most remote on the planet, I see a lot of people too. People from all over the world, who come to the poles for very different reasons and whose expectations and motivations all stem from their own personal circumstance. I watch them leave in awe, their hearts and minds transformed. By encouraging people to tell their stories, I hope to honor those transformations as well as raise awareness for the protection and conservation of our poles. 

It is my hope that by exploring Letters From the Ends of the Earth, you can find a connection to these incredible places too, even if you have never been there yourself. Maybe it’s through connections like these that we can all gain a greater understanding of their importance as well as their fragility.



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